About Our Modular Home Kits


Imagine saving thousands building your own home with one of our panelized housing kits.

Imagine assembling your new home building kit in about 3 to 4 days.

Even the novice handyman will be able to build the home of their dreams with our affordable and
easy to assemble upgraded housing packages. Save thousands building your own home with one 
of our panelized home kits. Our panelized homes are far superior to any building materials used to
build homes today. They are stronger, easier to build and are more energy efficient than stick built construction. Our structural insulated panel kits are superior to both modular homes and manufactured homes. Our kits can also be finished to look like log homes or cabins and are much easier to build than log homes or log cabin kits (See "Models" for more information). We can also do most commercial buildings too! Our home kits are strong, simple to build, energy efficient and top quality.

Our modular homes are manufactured with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), a factory manufactured wall system that replaces standard stick framing and batt insulation with a solid one piece wall section composed of two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB) that has been
adhesively welded to a thick rigid core of expanded polystyrene foam insulation (EPS).

About OSB

Oriented strand board (OSB), first developed in the 1980’s, is a wood panel that has been
  “engineered to perform” for housing and construction. OSB is not chipboard, flakeboard, particleboard, or aspenite. It has been specifically designed to be the most dependable, versatile, and environmentally efficient wood panel on the market today. OSB uses only freshly harvested trees from sustainable fast growing forests or tree farms. The trees are processed into precise strands averaging 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The strands are oriented length-wise on the exterior and cross-aligned on the interior. The alternating layers are then bonded with resins under high heat and pressure. The resulting product is very strong and uniform and shares many of the same properties as plywood. Because of its great versatility and performance, we have chosen OSB in all areas of our homes where strength, stiffness, and durability are required.
About EPS

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has proven to be the most cost-effective panel core insulation
material available. EPS has the highest R-value per dollar invested. Its R-value per inch is much 
higher than fiberglass or cellulose insulations. "R" means resistance to heat flow. The higher the
R-value, the greater the insulating power. EPS is also physically stable, unlike fiberglass or cellulose, which tend to settle with time, creating voids and many thermal breaks. Unlike most insulation products, the R-value of EPS increases as the temperature drops. EPS is an inert, organic, recyclable material. It contains no CFC's, HCFC's, or HFC's, will not rot, is resistant to mildew, and provides no food value to animals (including rodents). Our Underwriter's Lab report shows that our modified (M) Arco EPS (expanded polystyrene) exhibits a flame spread of 5. The BOCA Code allows 75. EPS exhibited a smoke developed rating of 55 to 175 the BOCA allows 450.


Structural Insulated Panels

The EPS foam core provides shear strength, while the exterior skins of OSB provide tensile and
compressive strength. As compared to an I-beam, the panel skins are analogous to the flanges, while the core is its web. The completed panels offer the utmost in R-value, fire resistance, and ease of construction. They are the key structural component in "one-piece" construction, which is significantly stronger than similarly configured stick-built structures. .


Roof Sheathing
Uniformly sound and extra rigid, OSB roof sheathing handles snow and wind loads with ease.
Sub floors

OSB Tongue and Groove sub floor sheeting provides a strong rigid and impact-resistant platform for underlayment, carpet, or tiles.


Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Panel Homes Corp Features 

Part of the tj-xpert® Framing System

Engineered wood Tongue & Groove I-joists with OSB webs provide a high quality support system that minimizes deflection and eliminates floor squeaking. It's actually stronger than a floor system of 2x12s because all the natural weak spots in wood are engineered out of it. It doesn't twist, warp, shrink, crack, creak, or settle.


Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Panel Homes Corp features structural insulated panels exclusively in their home kit models.

The advantages of using SIPs are many:

Simplifies construction: SIPs integrate structure with insulation. The frame of the home and the thermal envelope are one and the same.

Reduced labor costs: SIPs can be erected by novice crews and do it yourself builders. Each 4 foot by 8 foot panels weigh 125 lbs so no crane is required. Average erection time for exterior wall panels is usually half a day for a 3-man crew for the average 1500-2000 sq. ft. home.

Flexibility: There are fewer restrictions to design and more choices to customize from cabin to castle. Our panels are also available in 9', 10', & 12' heights, so we can easily convert your existing plans, or even convert a custom designed layout to our superior building system.

Finishes apply easily: OSB surface provides a sturdy and continuous nail and screw base
to which exterior and interior finishing materials can easily be attached.

Easily wired: Pre-cut electrical chases have been built into every panel so that the wiring of the outer walls can be easily done.

Superior strength: Monolithic shell can withstand seismic forces better than stick built.

Comfort: Panel homes are quieter and cleaner: The thick solid insulation reduces noise and dust infiltration.

Reduced energy use: By virtue of its solid walls and monolithic construction, over 2000 linear feet of cracks normally found in the walls of the average stick built, home are eliminated. Heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced by 40%-60% over the life of the home.

Quality: SIP walls are straight and flat with no bulging framing members. This is virtually impossible to achieve with old-fashioned stick framing.

Safety: SIPs adhere to all of the requirements of the current APA Plywood Design Specifications and are in compliance with the following building authorities:
  • BOCA – NBC/1999
  • SBC/1999
  • IBC/2006
  • IRC/2000
  • ICBO - PFC 6054
  • UBC/1997
  • NER # 467 (National Evaluation Report)
  • NER # 520
  • NER # 633
  • ASIC/2002
  • Various state and local agencies
  • VA and FHA Approved
  • Listed with Federal HUD nationwide
  • Canada: CCMC 13016-R

I am very proud of our homes, and we know that you will be too. We have worked hard to provide you with the most complete home shell kit package available in the marketplace today.


All of our home packages include:

    SIP wall system. Featuring Structural Insulated Panels

  • Includes all panels
          4' x 8' x 6 1/2" thick
          (R 25 solid - R38 batt equivalent insulation),
          thermal connector splines, top & bottom track,
          1" x 6 1/2 " OSB top cap, end plates, panel adhesive, panel screws, and fasteners.
    Sub-floor Support system
  • Sill sealer


  • Treated sill plates


  • Center support beam
  • Includes all heavy-duty 11 7/8" TJI-beam floor joists, 3/4" tongue & groove OSB sub floor decking, Timber Strand® rim board , Tyvek® rim wrap, subfloor adhesive, and fasteners.
Panel installation tools
  • Beam cutting panel saw attachment, used to cut panels as well as window and door openings.
  • Electric Hot Wire Foam Cutter, used to remove foam from panels to install window and door frames as well as header beams.
    Engineered Pre-manufactured roof system.

    Includes all clear span "Energy Heel" roof trusses with 18" overhangs, gable ends, truss spacers, H-1 (hurricane) clips,
    5/8" OSB decking & sheathing, drip edge, roof vents, 30-lb.
    roofing felt, and fasteners.
    Construction binder

    Includes sub-floor construction guide, SIPs Installation Guide, and roof construction guide

    "Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)"
    The most definitive book on the subject available on the market today, by Author & Builder - Michael Morley

    Instructional video

    Includes helpful tips on assembly.


    tj-xpert® framing system drawings

    SIP Panel Wall System Layout & Panel Cut Drawings

    mitek-smEngineered roof system.

    Foundation plans


    Lifetime warranty on SIP wall system.
    Lifetime warranty onsilent-floor

    Standard twenty year warranty on mitek-smEngineered roof system
    (Lifetime Warranty Available*).

    * Certain conditions apply.