Log Homes

Build a beautiful log home with Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Panel Homes

If you love the beauty of a log home but want the superior energy efficiency of a structural insulated panel home, then our home kit is definitely the right choice for you. Our unique panelized home system can be finished anyway you like, including the beautiful look of a log home.
Once your panelized home kit is built, you can then attach log siding (supplied by customer) to the exterior, giving the appearance of a log home with the benefit of a fully insulated panel home. The result is a panelized home that looks and feels like a real log home, with a higher insulation factor than a log home. It is recommended that Tyvek@ or equivalent house wrap be applied beneath the siding as well as the use of furring strips at 24" OC.log3

Our panelized home kits combine time and money saving techniques that make it very easy and efficient to build. The pre-engineered R-25 solid insulated wall panels keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer when compared to traditional log homes. Log homes generally have an insulation factor of only R8, extremely low by today's standards. Log homes are also susceptible to air leakage by virtue of their design and the way in which they are constructed. Logs tend to shrink over time as they dry and gaps between them increase leaving holes allowing air from the interior to escape and air from the exterior to penetrate the structure.

Best of all, our home kits are delivered partially prefabricated. This means that construction is fast and simple, especially when compared to building a log home.

For more information on building a log home using our system, please visit and fill out the contact us page of our web site, or call us directly at (866) 938 - 9916.